A Graphic of Info on Infographics

Ever seen an awesome infographic and wondered how to make one yourself? Watch my short tutorial to learn how you and your students can create stunning (and free) infographics using Hubspot, Canva, and Adobe Spark Post for a fun way to differentiate process and product!

An infographic is a visual way to represent often complex subjects using few words and lots of flair. They are a great way to differentiate process and product, especially for logical-mathematical learners and visual-spatial learners. In addition, because infographics represent information in a holistic way, they require students to analyze and synthesize information in order to decide how best to convey their topic. Watch the video below to learn about ideas for use and watch live demos of 3 FREE tools for creating awesome infographics!

Finally, here are the links to the 3 free tools demoed in the tutorial!

  1. Hubspot: In order to download your free 15 templates, you must create an account. The website asks for some funky information, like how many employees work for your company and what CRM you use, so just fill it in to the best of your ability (and guesstimate for the rest).
  2. Canva: Easy and free to register, create, and share infographics. Plenty of free images, templates, and more; you can also purchase individual templates and images for $1 each (no need for a subscription).
  3. Adobe Spark Post: Create simple, but powerful images in minutes (for free)!

Enjoy, and happy infographic-making!

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