Creating Apps with Marvel

Use Marvel to let your students design their own phone app!

Ready to ditch the boring projects? Me too, and I can’t wait to try using Marvel in my classroom! This free app for iOS and Android lets you design your own app by adding pictures¬†and seamlessly linking them to simulate a real app–no programming skills necessary!

**Bonus: You can also open the app online if students don’t own a smartphone!

There are several ways to add photos to a project, including uploading them from your phone or computer, taking photos within the app, or even using the app’s canvas tool (much like Paint) to draw your own picture. If you prefer drawing by hand, you can also download free templates to draw your own wire-frames and simply take pictures of your finished drawings to create your app.

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Because of its versatility, I think Marvel could be a great tool for many types of students, including introverts and extraverts, sensing and intuitive students, visual-spatial, logical-mathematical, and kinesthetic learners. After all, apps can be used to solve problems, tell stories, provide entertainment, teach, and of course, help people collaborate and communicate! Here are some project ideas for a variety of subject areas:

  1. Develop an app to solve a conflict within a novel–man vs. man, man vs. nature, etc.
  2. Create an app that tells an interactive version of a story or historical event.
  3. Devise an app to help write geometric proofs.
  4. Design an app that lets people create something artistic.
  5. Create an app that helps people communicate more effectively or write a speech.
  6. Develop an app that teaches people how to eat healthy or exercise properly.
  7. Devise an app to track or chart scientific or mathematical data.
  8. Create an app to show people what it would be like to live in a particular time period.
  9.  Design a puzzle or logic game to demonstrate critical thinking skills.
  10. Develop an app to market a new invention or idea.

Do you have other ideas? If so, let me know by leaving a comment!


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