Getting Started with NoRedInk

NoRedInk is an online platform for teaching grammar. With robust free features, this is a great option for K12 teachers who are looking for a better way to diagnose, practice, and assess their students’ grammar skills. This week, I made a tutorial to demonstrate how to get started with NoRedInk!

If Bilbo can defeat Smaug, then you can learn new tech

This week, I decided to try making a podcast for the first time. If you have ever been intimidated by using new technology in your classroom, then this podcast is for you. Learn a simple 3-step plan to find the right tool, learn how to use it, and effectively implement it in your classroom. Listen for the details! Enjoy!

“If Bilbo can defeat Smaug, then you can learn new tech”

Evaluating Technology to Use in the Classroom

It can be difficult to decide when to use technology in the classroom. It can be even more difficult to choose which tool to use. As part of a course on digital media, new tools, and technology, I created a checklist to decide which tool is right for you. You can download a clearer pdf version of the checklist here. Check it out below! I evaluated VoiceThread as a sample.